Rundown of Sports Betting in Colorado

Colorado is known well for being one of the biggest sports betting hubs in the United States. The home of the Wild West towns that have catered to sports gaming when it mattered most, the state has become the bastion of sports betting and have been a huge part of its lore over the years.

As sports betting continues to evolve in the United States, Colorado has become one of the states with a continued presence in the industry. Since allowing sports betting to be rampant in 2020, Colorado has become host to a lot of sports betting platforms, with operators generating big profits in their services from time to time.

So what’s the latest sports betting scoop in Colorado? The state has been logging in big revenues in the last 10 months, showing you why sports betting in Colorado has been a promising beat in the industry, and there’s more to expect as the state brings in a worthwhile experience for all players to enjoy.

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📖 Published on: June 15th, 2023

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Best offers in Colorado as of June 2024

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The Legality of Virtual Sports Bets in CO

With numerous activities being restricted in the United States, gaming enthusiasts have asked one popular question in many US states: "Is sports betting legal in Colorado?". This is quite understandable, as many fear the risk and consequences of committing a legal offense.

However, Sports Bets became officially authorized in 2020 through a legislative decision and a referendum. The downside to this fact is that it is limited to a specific group of persons in terms of age, that is, ages 21 and above. In addition, only licensed Sports book colorado – online or offline – can render sport bet services.

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Top Legal Sportsbooks to Bet on in Colorado

If you are looking for some promising options to bet on, Colorado has a lot of promising sites that you can consider for a wide array of operators that offer unique bonuses, immersive interfaces, and an all-around winning experience in betting on their favorite sporting events. As of the time of writing, there are a total of 20

Here are some of the top sportsbooks that you should consider if you are going to bet in Colorado:

  1. Fan Duel - considered as one of the pioneer sportsbooks in Colorado, FanDuel has been a go-to option for a lot players, thanks to its vast competitive odds and an app that is easy to navigate for faster betting.
  2. DraftKings - known well for its Betting Carousel feature, DraftKings boasts a unique sports betting app that comes with a user-friendly interface and quick betting processes, making it good for new and experienced players.
  3. Betfred - one of the new sportsbooks in Colorado that offers a wide array of sports and a highly-responsive customer support with a focus on giving the best experience for players thanks to its daily odds boosts.
  4. Caesars - highly-recommended for live betting aficionados who are keen to jump right into the game and is also known for having one of the best-in-class customer support that caters well to players’ needs.
  5. Fanatics Sportsbook - an emerging sportsbook that has become a fan favorite in Colorado thanks to its impressive rewards program, NFL live streaming, and massive signing bonuses for new players.

Promotional Offers for Colorado Sportbooks Betting

To attract customers, many Colorado sports betting game operators offer existing and new users a mouth-watering promotional bonus, keeping the players glued to them and away from competitors. There are a few promotional offers you may come across as a player:


No deposit bonus

This is known as a "free bonus," where no money needs to be deposited before you are given this kind of offer. Free bets can be obtained by signing up for a particular gaming site or app.


Risk-free bet

By risk-free, it means that any wager placed on any game is going to be refunded if the bet is lost. Betting with a possible chance of a refund when the game is lost usually has a limit – usually up to $500.


Deposit bonus

This bonus is usually given after a deposit has been made to the gaming account created. This bonus form has a limit cap as betting without risks.


Odds boost

This occasional offer increases the potential of winning on the wager made. For instance, the gaming option has a 1.54 odd, but an odd boost of 2× increases the wager's potential winning.

Colorado online sports betting image

Aside from the Bonuses mentioned above, there are other means through which Colorado sports betting casinos attempt to gain prominence among its new and existing players. These methods include promotional codes and loyalty rewards.


Promotional codes

Promo Codes (as it is otherwise called) are a combination of numbers and letters which gives bonuses when redeemed. These codes are mostly used for gaming house referrals by existing users – where the new user is given a code to apply when registering to get a certain amount as a bonus. This can range from $1 to $100, as the case may be.


Loyalty rewards

This bonus mechanism is for existing users of the casino house. The player can earn points for every bet he makes and loses. These points will then be converted into cash – which may be withdrawable or not as the condition may be.

How to place a bet in Colorado

As a new player or resident in Colorado, it is easy to be intrigued by Colorado sports betting. However, only some enjoy the fun of placing a wager on a sports game and taking a chance to win massive cash rewards and have fun simultaneously.

There is no need to be sad. With the following steps, you will be able to place any wager you wish on any online sportsbook operator:

  1. Select any sportsbook operator of your choice.
  2. Visit their official website or app after verifying their authenticity.
  3. Click the "sign up" button on the webpage.
  4. Fill up the required personal details.
  5. After signing up, you may be required to log in once more. So, log in.
  6. When you are logged in to any of the Colorado Betting apps or websites, ensure to deposit any amount you can spare (remember, betting is for fun essentially) through the "deposit" page of the gaming site.
  7. Select any sports game you are interested in placing a wager on and pick the gambling option.
  8. When you are done selecting the desired game, place any amount you desire on the bet. Then, Voila! You have successfully placed a bet.

Is that not too easy? So, have the fun gambling with this acquired knowledge.

Bets You Can Make in Colorado

Excluding high school games, e-sports, and prep college games bets, Colorado sports betting is open to almost all sporting games. There is no law in CO regarding the number of sporting games available. However, below is a list of the sports games offered for betting by casino operators:

  • National Football League (NFL)
  • National Basketball Association (NBA)
  • Major League Baseball (MLB)
  • National Hockey League (NHL)
  • Major League Soccer (MLS)
  • Golf
  • Darts
  • International Sports
  • NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing)
  • Aussie Rules Football
  • College Football
  • College Basketball
  • Motor Sports
  • Soccer
  • Boxing
  • Tennis

You can be sure to enjoy sports betting to the fullest in Colorado with a lot of big-league teams in the state. The Colorado Avalanche is one of the biggest teams to look out for in the NHL, while the Colorado Rockies themselves have become one of the finest teams to watch in the MLB, and of course, the Denver Nuggets are the defending NBA champions – all more reason to watch and bet on these teams!

As mentioned earlier, the list of sports has some set of betting options that bring out the exciting nature of online sports betting in Colorado. These bet options are:


Single games bet

A player selecting the single-game bet can only select a restricted amount of bet options in a single game. For example, the player can only select under/over or predict the winning team.


Teaser bets

Here, gamers can easily combine two games at once. However, the points reduce when selecting point spreads of more than one game.



This gaming feature of online betting Colorado is one of the highest stakes returns betting options. It allows a user to select as many games as he wishes. However, when a single game is lost, the entire bet is lost. But remember, no pain, no gain.



Here, the average sum of the scores of the two teams is predicted in a manner that is either higher or lower than the average selected. For instance, if team A and B has a scoring average of 1.5, the bet is to predict whether it would have been over or under the average score.



In CO online sports betting, the money line option involves a player selecting whether a team will either lose or win the match.


In-game bets

Another name for this betting option is live betting. All a player has to do is play a game while it is being played. This is one of the most enjoyable forms of betting, as one can easily predict what will happen while watching the match. However, it usually has a lower stake.


Props bets

This is among the best online sportsbook Colorado betting features as it predicts the specifics of the game, from the number of goals to the exact score and the person to score next, among many other game specifics.


Straight bets

In a straight bet, a player can only select either point spread, total scores, or a money line of a certain game. The failure to select the winning team or reach the totals leads to the loss of the bet.


College sports betting in Colorado

Innumerable sports games are available on a Colorado sportsbook operator. Fortunately, College sporting games are not excluded. However, proposition college gambling is strictly prohibited. College Sports are similar to international sports like soccer, football, and rugby. The major difference is who plays the game and the experience level.

College Students are not always adults. Colorado, like other US states, allows punters to take advantage of another gambling opportunity. This does not mean that anyone under 21 is permitted to gamble. The National Collegiate Athletic Association ( NCAA) regulates college games.

Regardless of the number of games played by college students, the most popular bets on college sportsbooks in Colorado are

  • College Football Betting
  • College Basketball Betting
  • College Baseball Betting

Betting payment options

One of the important things to note before gambling on Colorado sportsbooks is whether a particular payment method is feasible on the gaming operator site for both funding the account and withdrawing. In this age where there are innumerable payment gateways, every gambling operator must decide which gateways to utilize for its transactions. Therefore, here is a list of frequently used payment gateways by both players and gaming operators:

  • Bank cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Bank transfers
  • Electronic wallet
  • Cash
  • Check or money order

The most used among these payment gateways are Bank Cards and electronic wallets. Bank cards include debit cards, credit cards, and sometimes virtual cards. Electronic wallets (E-Wallets) are one of the most secure modes of sending and receiving money at a Colorado sportsbook casino. Apart from the listed payment gateways, cryptocurrency is another payment method available to recent gambling operators. Cryptocurrency includes USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto altcoins.

Pros of online betting

You may have wondered why you should bet online through Colorado sportsbooks makers. For this reason, we prepared several reasons you should place bets online in Colorado rather than offline casinos.

Offline Casinos have a lower user-friendly system than virtual casinos. This is because many individuals do not go to a physical gambling house due to fear of mobs or offending the don. On the other hand, Online casinos are adjustable to your taste and very user-friendly since you are in the comfort of your home.

Taking a look at the ease involved as you work with a virtual casino, online wagering has multiple ways of depositing and withdrawing money without fear of being cheated of your winnings. Additionally, with the development of online sports betting Colorado, gaming has been easier as one can access a gaming house at his will without time restriction, as seen in many offline casinos.

Let us even examine the bonus given by virtual casinos. Hardly do you see any in-house casino offering a risk-free bet or giving you bonuses on the deposits you make. Besides these, virtual casinos do offer free bonuses without you doing anything. That is extra cash without stress or pleas. This is not possible with an offline casino.

Sports setting apps in Colorado

The dawn of a technological era upon most of the world's civilization brought positive changes in Colorado sports betting. At first, it came as migration into the internet and virtual space through websites. Currently, the scope of Casino Gambling is not limited to just gaming websites; rather, it has been developed into apps that are compatible with the smart devices we use.

Do not fret. This does not mean that all other methods of sports bets are no longer available. Both the physical and website gaming houses are still in operation. The only difference is the ease of accessibility and efficiency.

Currently, up to 26 gambling apps are available for all mobile devices – either Android or iOs. A feature of one of the best sports betting app Colorado is its aesthetics. What defines a product better than its look? Mobile apps are well-known for their brilliant designs that attract new customers.

Besides aesthetics, Sports gaming mobile apps operate the same way as the other forms of casino gaming. It, however, creates a friendly interface to keep players excited. It also easily stores user information and has a higher degree of data security than website gambling. Moreover, these apps are the creation of existing physical gambling dens. Therefore, they follow the laid down gaming regulations.

Although the best Colorado sports betting app is undecided, the availability of choices is slightly on the increase as virtual casinos can overshadow physical gambling houses in the nearest future.

The benefits of virtual casinos can be summed up in this manner:

  • Availability of alternatives contrary to offline casinos
  • Online game houses have more data security than an actual casinos.
  • Colorado sports betting apps are available on Android and iOS, making accessibility easier.
  • Virtual Casinos offer a better user interface than any other form of casino.
  • They have an excellent visual appeal that draws the gamers' attention.


Concise facts about Colorado sports betting history

Highlighting the specifics of the Colorado sports book in terms of its history is a Herculean task, as there needed to be a proper recording of the exact period when the idea of placing wagers over events was first introduced. First, however, the truth needs to be told. When the concept of "punting or gambling" was threatened in the American Frontier (Wild West) era, Colorado was widely recognized as the castle of refuge for most punters. Resulting from Colorado was a punter-protective state, a famous American vagabond-gambler (Doc Holliday) emerged. Among Doc's current gamblers included the infamous Bat Masterson. These historical figures are well-known for being Rockies casino players.

However, the 1900s saw the emergence of a new perspective on Colorado punting, especially in the aspect of Colorado sports betting. As a result, new laws were put in place to liberate the legal shackles of gambling.

Close to the mid-1900s –1948, to be precise, a 2:1 referendum was passed by Colorado citizens. This referendum was specifically for a gambling law amendment on Animal Racing. The new law created a commission dedicated to enforcing the Animal Racing law.

The law on punting on animal racing prompted the emergence of greyhound punting casinos across the American state – of Colorado within a year after its passage. These casinos operated greyhound races and opened horse racing gambling dens. The early mid-20th century saw a constitutional amendment by the Colorado government. The new constitution introduced donation-related gaming activities like Bingo into its punting industry.

Around the 7th decade of the 20th century, a new form of Colorado sports betting race evolved. This race involves a combination of horse racing and riding a chariot. It was called "Harness Racing." However, this new concept of horse race punting could only exist for a short time due to the lack of public approval.

In 1982, the then-Colorado legislative body introduced Lottery as a legal gaming act. The legislation on lawful lottery raffle draws led to the establishment of a lottery department in the revenue sector of the Colorado government. The following year saw the first set of purchases of lottery scratch cards for raffle draws from authorized vendors.

A drive for restrictive gaming was recommended by a referendum in Colorado in 1990. As a result of the emergence of this "drive," three of the Wild Western Towns in CO allowed punting activities for limited games. This was the case until the following year when the restrictive Colorado sports betting drive was legally approved. The approval led to the restriction of casinos being in operation throughout the day and the formulation of the $5 wagering limit.

The inception of the 21st century saw the introduction of interstate lotteries, which permitted various US States to participate in lottery punts. These inter-state raffle draw games include:

  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions

The $5 wager limit was increased to $100 in 2009, and the same year, table games were introduced into the state sports betting systems, creating the best sportsbooks in Colorado. Unfortunately, in 2014, the Colorado executive head – John Hickenlooper- rendered the greyhound race an unlawful activity throughout Colorado.

Sports gambling took a new turn in 2019 with a referendum that approved "Proposition DD." This referendum brought about taxes on generated income from gaming activities; these taxes were to be put into water-based government projects.

It was officially in 2020 that virtual Colorado sportsbooks were legalized in CO. However, to legally play gaming bets, casinos must get a license proof of approval from the authorized bodies.

As of the time of writing, there are a total of 20 operating sportsbooks in Colorado that offers some of the most promising experience in sports betting and competitive betting odds. Since July 2023, Colorado has logged record-highs in state sports betting handles, with December 2023 showing off a $100 million rise in its revenue to enter the year. March 2024 has seen the sports betting handle catapult to a $593 million, mostly in thanks to basketball betting.


Can I place wagers on Sports in Colorado?

You can and should place Colorado sports betting on sporting games when you are in Colorado. However, this is age restrictive. Wagers on Sports can be placed by you as long as you are at least 21 and in CO.

Where can I place a sports bet in Colorado?

New to Colorado may need clarification on where bets can be placed on Sports. In CO, you must reside temporarily or permanently in the state to access the gaming options. However, you can play Colorado sports betting online or in an offline or physical casino.

Does Colorado Law allow Sports Betting?

Of course, Colorado allows the operation of numerous gaming activities, including sports betting. However, this is only when a casino has been properly registered with the Colorado Gaming Commission. In reality, Colorado sports betting sites are accessible in over 30 Colorado virtual casinos.

When did Colorado legalize placing wagers on Sports games?

After several years of stringent limitations on sports betting in Colorado, the state government made a legislative resolution that legalized sports betting in 2020. This resulted in the formation of every present Colorado online sportsbook.

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